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What we offer

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Bondia currently has 3 verticals that it deals in - Woven fabrics, Knitted fabrics and finished fabrics.

Woven fabrics are unfinished (Not dyed) fabrics made on our power looms. Fabrics such as Ultra Satin fall under this category.

Knitted fabrics are unfinished (Not dyed) fabrics made on our circular knitting machines. We have both Single and Double Jersey knitting machines and make fabrics such as Rumble, Fur and Jari fabric in this category.

Finished fabrics include woven and knitted fabrics which are dyed/printed. Our list of finished fabrics include Polyester Cotton, Ultra Satin, Micro (Crepe), Moss Satin, Liza (Georgette), Rayon, Rayon Slub,  Jaam Cotton, Polyester Fur and others.

Get in touch with us for the price and other specifications of any of our fabrics. 

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